I first learned to fold a flag by watching the servicemen at my grandfather's funeral present the American flag to my father. I was young but deeply moved by the tradition. My father told me that the flag was never to touch the ground as each fold was tightly tucked into itself. I have never forgotten the feeling of honor I felt for my grandfather, my family and my nation that day.
In my lifetime I have realized my commitment to the world is one of duty just as his was. It is the shared sense of global responsibility my generation has been bonded to carry as stewards of the earth. It is a global movement that requires global solidarity. This obligation is more relevant today than ever — to create a future for our grandchildren that is as secure and healthy as the one our grandfathers committed to securing for us.
So today, in the pursuit of happiness, global unification and environmental responsibility, here is a proposed symbol, to serve as a reminder that we are all caretakers of our planet. This symbol exhibits the delicate balance of atmospheric elements surrounding our planet, as well as the proportions of water, land and desert on our planet's surface that elegantly maintain life. And of course the nations who are responsible for it as well as dependent upon it for their/our existence.
The Breakdown:
Inner Circle (Graph): Surface: 71% water, 19% land, 10% desert
Outer Circle (Graph): Air: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon, and 0.03% carbon dioxide
Stars: Caretakers: 196 nations on earth.
If you would like a flag to socially participate in a global showcase, please email hartarmstrong@gmail.com OR find me on facebook.com
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