This book is a collection of the writings of David Bohan, collected from his monthly column Marketing Matters in the Nashville Tennessean. The book is utilized as a marketing piece to send, as part of a package, to potential clients.
Exhibited below is another BOHAN marketing piece. This booklet outlined BOHAN's collaberative work structure, The Village, and showcased the agency's team and select pieces of work.
Below is an ad campaign for The Frist Center for the Arts' new exhibition of a collection of Medieval Treasures. The launch of the exhibit was the day before Valentines, so a tonality of romanticism was directed for the campaign writing. Below are two print ads accompanied by their online web advertisments.
Another ad campaign for the Frist Center, Paint Made Flesh is a collection of artworks from random artists. The direction for the campaign was to create an allure by juxtapositioning words of contrasting meanings within the headlines to invite viewers to deduct their own personal interpretations of the artist's work. Below are billboard, print and online examples.
Below is a campaign pitched to OHL (Ozzburn Hessey Logistics). OHL has a large number of storage facilities around the world and very  loose restrictions upon schedules when dealing within certain delivery sizes. The direction for the campaign was to show the flexability of OHL by expanding the red arrow within their mark and then use it to create adverse scenarios, exemplifying that OHL is ready for any problem. 
The billboard displayed below was a back-lit airport interior sign created for the arriving research physicians at the ASCO Conference (American Society of Clinical Oncology). The billboard was designed to give recognition to the physicians at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute; giving them thanks for their work in finding new treatments for cancer, and at the same time promoting ASCO organization, as well as SCRI.
The ad below was designed for the Sarah Cannon Research Institute. The function of the ad was to gain notice of SCRI's new Titan treatment trial for Adjuvant Breast Cancer.
The three ads below are part of the 2010 print campaign for Western Baptist Hospital. The function of these ads was to introduce Western Baptist's new Imaging Center. The visual direction was to not depart from the brand’s original look and feel, but to evolve it with a cleaner esthetic, more approachable photography, and a fresh voice.
These ads/posters were created for Operation Stand Down. Operation Stand Down is a local establishment directed at finding homes and work for American veterans, as well as a place to go when in need. The series was donated to the organization to be used at their discretion. 
The catalog below and the accompanying ads are for Brunswick Commercial & Government Products. The ads were two of two designed for Government/Army Publications. The target of these ads are The United States Coast Guard and Coastal Law Enforcement Agencies, as was the catalog.
Last but not least: While at BOHAN, I worked very closely with the new business division. This included designing and organizing RFPs, RFIs and at times conceptual presentations. Below is an example of one such presentation made to Tropical Smoothie Cafes. To accompany the RFP, a booklet giving explanation of why BOHAN is the perfect agancy for TSC was put together in the form of a photo album. All pieces were ultimately packaged in an old leather suitcase and mailed to the company headquarters.
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